property development
architectural planning and design
project management
marketing and consulting
financial and fiscal management

We provide comprehensive management services for entertainment enterprises, before, during and after launch. This includes activities: F&B, retail, entertainment, etc.). Our professional scope includes:

– pre-launch preparation, including property development, compliance, architectural planning, design, engineering, project management, fundraising, budgeting, marketing, recruitment, consulting, etc.

– all-inclusive management of the business once established, including overseeing all operational activities, compliance and internal controls, IT support, security and surveillance, budgeting, financial and fiscal management, maintenance, recruitment, marketing, etc.



  • We understand the needs and wishes of our customers
  • We appreciate that customers may have different expectations; we embrace cultural diversity
  • Our products and services are tailored to the expectations of every visitor group
  • We provide personal services of exceptional quality, at the highest level in our industry
  • We offer a state of the art environment that is inviting, safe & secure, abundant, comfortable and relaxing


  • Our staff is highly motivated and thoughtful, proud to be working with us and delivering exceptional service experiences to customers
  • Our co-workers are experienced, well trained and comply to our philosophy and
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Our staff is dedicated, customer oriented, respectful and social
  • Our staff has the eye for individual needs, pays attention to detail and goes the extra mile


  • We provide a fair Return on Investment
  • By making sure we have the right systems in place, settings standards and trends
  • By ensuring the most efficient mix of equipment, products, staff and services
  • We operate according the principles of Total Quality Management
  • We respect the legal environment in which we operate